The Echo of a Song

The Echo Of A Song

Ronnie Scott’s Jazzhouse, JHCD 048 (1996)

Reissued with Ghostsongs on Ronnie Scott’s Jazzhouse, JHDE 207 (Double Event)

  1. I Concentrate On You (Porter)
  2. My Heart Is Haunted (Egan, Flynn)
  3. It Could Happen To You (Burkey, Van Heusen)
  4. It’s Easy To Remember (Rodgers, Hart)
  5. Just Let Me Look At You (Kern, Fields)
  6. The Echo Of A Song (Mendoza)
  7. Change Partners (Berlin)
  8. You Are My Heart’s Delight (Herzer, Lehar, Graham)
  9. Time After Time (Styne, Cahn)
  10. You Stepped Out Of Dream (Kahn, Brown)
  11. Taking A Chance On Love (Fetter, Duke)
  12. I’ll Be Seeing You (Fain, Kahal)
  13. Goodnight Angel (Wrubel, Magidson)

with Simon Wallace (piano), Geoff Gascoyne (bass), Mark Fletcher (drums), Mornington Lockett (saxophones and clarinet), Claire Martin (vocals)