Comedy Review

A Bit Of A Mouthful, Edinburgh 2012


Martin Walker, August 2012


The openly gay Ian Shaw is a wee bit of enigma. Why, I asked myself ahead of tonight’s show, was a professional jazz musician, producer and singer appearing on a Stand Comedy Club flyer pictured with an orange in his mouth? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great Steve Ullathorne pic but wtf? What I didn’t know, because I was yet to read his Q&A in the latest issue of ScotsGay magazine, is that as well as being one of the leading jazz all rounders in the country, Shaw has a growing reputation as a comedian. Camp musical comedy anyone?

To be honest, as soon as Shaw appeared on stage, launching in to his series of 'naughty songs' he had me. His ability at the piano is instantly apparent and he exudes confidence. This has the effect of relaxing you into the show. You know you're in safe hands.

The material is frequently a little crude, often nostalgic but almost always funny. Perhaps the occasional quip is a little cringe worthy, but that is more than made up for once the music kicks back in. What's not to like about a good comic parody?