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A Bit Of A Mouthful, Edinburgh 2012

Edinburgh Evening News

Kim Morrison, August 2012


Comedy with Soul

It feels wrong to label Ian Shaw purely as a musical comedian. There is no doubt he is funny, the show is packed with playful remarks and witty lyrics, but it is his exceptional music talent that makes his show a must-see.

Jazz fans pack into some of the largest venues in the country to hear Shaw play on a regular basis and his late-night slot at The Stand is a rare treat for those wanting to experience his music in a more intimate venue.

His cheerful, friendly demeanour and simple set-up, just a keyboard and microphone (there are no flashy gimmicks here), give the impression that you have popped into his living room for a nightcap. What follows is a relaxing and amusing hour spent with a good friend as he spills out spontaneous, honest tales of midlife woe everyone that have everyone chortling in recognition. This is comedy with soul.