The Theory Of Joy

New album out today

The Theory Of Joy is a collection of inspirational pop-structured songs, including extraordinary new takes on David Bowie, Lionel Bart, Jacques Brel, Joni Mitchell, Mel Tormé and even the seminal Traffic. The mood is hopeful, questioning, politicised, and honest… read more

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Ian Shaw

Classy jazz singer in his element

“Jazz singers magnify the character tics of everyday life – tell-tale inflections that reveal a backstory, offbeat emphases, the catch in a voice of a hidden regret, all the mannerisms that bring favourite singers as close as partners or friends. Idiosyncratic Americans Betty Carter and Mark Murphy felt like that, and so does the British singer Ian Shaw…”

Ian's new album The Theory Of Joy reviewed by The Guardian's John Fordham.


Ian Shaw

Listen to Ian's new track My Brother

From The Theory Of Joy (Harmonia Mundi/Jazz Village), release February 2016. Please consider making a donation to refugee aid – all info below video.

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Ian Shaw

BBC Radio London's Robert Elms Show on My Brother

“I don't have records of the year but if I did this would probably be it…I don't think there was a better song written last year.”

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Rory Bremner

The new album: The Theory Of Joy

For this new recording, Ian has returned to working with that classic jazz ensemble, the piano trio. A frequent and accomplished solo performer, Ian craved a bit of company, and what company he found…

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Rory Bremner

Ian Shaw hosts the International Ronnie Scott's Radio Show

Featuring music, backstage interviews and rare performances.

Listen in-flight on BA, online, on JazzFM, Jazz.FM91 and Jazz90.1.

Upcoming dates

Sun 14-Feb-2016
Central Palace of Officers, Minsk, Belarus

Thu 18-Feb-2016
Seven Arts Centre, Leeds

Fri 19-Feb-2016
The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London N16

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